About Us

Loman Tech Ltd. has developed over decades of successful production strategies in PCB design,manufacture and outsourcing.

Founded in 2010, Loman Tech registered in Hong Kong and set up its sales office in Shenzhen - the world’s largest production base of electronics. The presence of Loman Tech is aim to gather all the first-class PCB manufacturing capability to form an extension of its customers’ purchasing department.

With full professional experience in PCB industry and its extensive industry contacts & purchasing power, Loman Tech in a position to provide a broad range of boards:

  • PCB Prototyping on fast turnarounds including normal single and double sided, multilayer up to 48 layers, Aluminum-base Circuits, Flex and Flex-Rigid.
  • Special PCB like heavy copper, high frequency (Rogers, Taconic, Arlon, etc.) and HDI.
  • Small to large volume PCBs tailored to your requirements.
  • Framed Stencils.
  • PCB Assembly and BOM sourcing.

Compliance with current standards and quality standards, we offer our customers the best possible products from quick-turnaround, low-to-medium-volume, high-mix production.

Our goal is to be the leading one source in PCB Industry.

Our Vision

Our company is to be the leading solutions provider of choice for customers, anticipating their needs and offer them a comprehensive and tailored products during the entire products Life Cycle to create a long-term partnerships.

Our Mission

Based on our company, we direct our business activities for a full achievement as our mission by providing:

  • optimized global supply chain& Logistics solution
  • updated Technology & Facilities by World-Class manufacturing
  • Cost aggressive, high quality products, on-time delivery and reliable & quick response service in and after market support

Our Values

We devoted to the values with which we believe will drive improvement in execution of our mission and lead the way to our Loman Tech.

Why choose Loman Tech? PCBs bussiness solutions.

Your one-stop shopping PCB supplier in Asia.

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Our Focus

  • Customer Focus

    • Focus on the needs of our customers.
    • Reliable customer service by quick response.
    • Flexible solutions for customers requirement.
    • Improvement in customer satisfaction rating.

  • Perseverant improvement

    • Have a global view to direct our value and know-how.
    • Drive efficiency in execution.
    • Progressive Management of employees and supply chain source.

  • Responsibility & Sustainability

    • Create a superior team to act as an owner.
    • Be accountable for our actions and promises.
    • Promote secure and win-win future for both business and environment.